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We’ve decided to create a whole new blog that can help us organize cooking classes for foreigners visiting Italy! 🙂

⇒ If you are a local guide, please contact us to talk about business!

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Hi there!

well, first of all: sorry for my English! It’s been such a long time since I haven’t been writing/speaking English and I have to admit that I’m not so fluent as I used to… so sad!!! 😦 Needless to say that languages develop so fast that I’ll surely write in such a funny and old-fashioned way, so you’ll probably laugh out loud at reading my posts. I’ve been thinking over and over whether translating my blog could have been useful/interesting to anyone or not… uhm… maybe not! However, I’ve decided to give it a try and see if my recipes might inspire someone outside Italy. Not all posts will be translated, as it takes me a lot of time to do it, but I’ll try to do my best and I’ll be willing to help you in case you’re interested in something depicted in my pictures.

I promise not to post pictures of mistreated, sad and/or bleeding animals! If you’re looking for extremely provocative and offensive articles against people following a non-veg dietary regime, well, this is not the right blog to look at. I don’t believe in always being absolutely good to anyone, I couldn’t be able to! I can’t shut up when I come to terms with injustice, however this blog has a PEACEFUL educative aim. I’m against every kind of terrorism because I think it only leads to self-destruction. Therefore I kindly ask you to follow this simple rule when posting a comment, thank you!  🙂

I can’t promise you I’ll get to the point briefly: I’ll try to, but it’s not my kind… sorry!

All recepis are 100% veg, without any sort of animal by-products. Sometimes I might forget to underline “plant based” after words such as “butter, spread, milk, cream…” but I guarantee that it’s all vegan for ethics, environment, health, love ♥♥♥




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